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Laptop Spares & Accessories

  1. Compatible Laptop Batteries
    We are importers of Compatible Laptop Batteries of all brands of laptops like ACER, HP , COMPAq, Dell, etc
  2. Compatible Laptop Screens
    We are the importers of Compatible Laptop Screens of Samsung , Lg and CHIMEI Innolux . All sizes are available staring from .9″ upto 19.5″ for laptops and all in ones . We deal with A+ Grade material only.
  3. Laptop dvdrw
    We import LAPTOP DVDRW of top brands only and are compatible with all brands . The models available with us are Sata Ide DVDrw ide dvdrw , slot in dvdrw sata , slot in ide dvdrw , slim sata dvdrw , ide slim dvdrw
  4. Compatible Laptop Adapters
    We have high quality compatible laptop adapters available for all brands from minis (netbooks) to laptops and also for Apple Models .
  5. keyboards,
  6. other spares…

Network Equipment

We have our own range of Networking racks ranging from 4u upto 12u and bigger sizes available on order . all the accessories pertaining to racks are also available at best prices .

TP Link Products

We are the Authorised distributor for the Punjab and Chandigarh region . Tplink has a wide range of SOHO and SMB networking products like
Modem Routers,
Managed Switches,
Load Balancers etc

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